The Last Coming

THE LAST COMING by Gerald G. Griffin

Fantasy Thriller. Published 1978 by Condor (New York). No book image available. Book no longer in print.



Disguised in human form, a supernatural being,returns to earth on a mission — saving the planet from destruction by outer space beings. He takes on the Mafia, the Establishment, the police — and falls in love with the beautiful human, Felecia. Unknowingly, Earth faces its greatest peril: Obliteration. The story is about who will try to destroy mankind, and who can possibly prevent it.

The Airthans had much surer ways of taking care of Earth humans interfering with their roundup. Amu was sure Delvecio’s men had meant to blow up Felecia’s car with her in it. Instead, they were blown up themselves. Poetic justice. That was something the Airthans wouldn’t bother with…Or would they?



Light years away from these strange — and to human comprehension, impossible — events, Az, both familiarly and officially known as the Commander, prepared to summon his son Amu into private audience — private, that is, except for the Religious Overseer, an austere, black-visaged, somewhat meddlesome fellow who wielded considerable clout on the planet Zoltar.

The spacecraft had returned from its Earth mission the previous night, and the Overseer had personally ordered the Commander awakened from his slumbers to hear the results from the pilot’s own lips. (“Officious beggar,” AZ had grumbled, “might just as well waited till morning.”) Now it was midday, and AZ, having debated with his inner council half the night and all that morning on what should best be done with the troublesome planet Earth, was not in the best of moods. His mood was not sweetened by the fact that he had been unable to determine upon an appropriate course of action.

Centuries before, around the time of Christ, a Zoltarian spacecraft had discovered Earth, and the discovery had been hailed as a major breakthrough for science — though in fact it was as much the result of chance as of science. A public holiday had even been proclaimed throughout Zoltar. But now, with the return of the Mission, and the disturbing report of its pilot-captain, some of Zoltar’s wisest heads (which were generously represented on the inner council) were beginning to wonder whether Earth was such a “catch” as had first been supposed.

…Earthlies had long been known to be bellicose, “rabid,”…at the present moment…on the point of total self-destruction. ..What it perhaps required was action, swift, sudden, devastating and in a sense merciful.



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