The Gods of Winter

THE GODS OF WINTER by Gerald G. Griffin


Literary Fiction. Published 2017 by Strategic Book Publishing (USA/Singapore)



The stuff of legend. Fiction based on fact. A story to behold. Its humor, laughter, strife, sadness, and tragedy are the stuff of legend.

Bob Daniels, against all odds, becomes a noted psychologist. In unlikely fashion, he meets Gloria Hopkins, a noted stage performer. A rare and daring love ensues, but it’s thwarted by an inexplicable force of madness. The two are pulled into a harrowing journey to save their love, and as they interlock with a range of vibrant characters, in desperation they face the impossible.

The Gods of Winter: A story of pondering gasps, ending in deep awe.



“Oh, its so serene and breathtaking here,” Gloria rejoiced to the sights and sounds of the lake. Her smooth skin gleamed in the sunlight, her hair sparkled across her  forehead like a flowing veil, reflecting specks of reds and gold from the rays of the sun offering a new glorious day of life.

“The perfect place for my surprise for you,” I smiled with anticipation.

“Surprise?” Gloria questioned, her eyes feasting brightly about. “How can you top these wonders you brought me to? The hugging trees, the sparkling ripple of the water, the calming blue of the sky, the sailboats, the birds, the deer, and the other adoring wildlife. I love it all.” She slowly raised her arm, extending her hand toward the sky, and lifting her eyes heavenward. “I am just thankful to be alive to experience and be part of these joys.”

“Hold on, now. This is how I top it.” I brought forth a small silver case and opened it. I looked deeply into her eyes, and said, “For you, with my love.”

“Oh, my God,” Gloria whispered in astonishment. “I have never seen anything so…so elegant and beautiful.” She sighed deeply. “Is that a canary diamond solitaire?”

“Multiple-carat, ” I smiled. “Your engagement ring. My compromise. May I slip it on your finger?”

Gloria was too stunned to speak, but offered no resistance. I slipped the ring on the second finger of her left hand.

Gloria’s eyes showered me with her love, so tender, as I said quietly to the backdrop of the lake’s soft glimmer, “Now we are engaged, my goddess.”

Gloria threw her arms around me and embraced me with a forever hug. She still hadn’t uttered a word, but I could feel her heart thumping with happiness.

“When you’re engaged,” I reassured, “living together is not regarded as a sin, but as a sensible test of compatibility before deciding on marriage.”

Gloria broke her embrace, batting her lashes at me in an irrepressible mood. Kicking off her shoes and reaching to the music of the lake, she bounded out onto the short sandy beach before us, her shapely legs gliding in long strides in a look of absolute joy and grace. Extending her arms above her, she pirouetted around the sandy beach to the sounds of her own uplifting laughter, laughter seeming to be an offer of thanks, one a goddess would make.

Her movements finally brought her back to my arms, and we became lost in an interminable kiss.


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