The Corruptors

THE CORRUPTORS by Gerald G. Griffin

Action thriller. Published in 1977 by Condor (New York). No book image available. Book no longer in print.



Psychic Power! Passionate Love! Terrifying Adventure!

Young Gary Scott, near the end of his graduate studies at Michigan State University, on the verge of receiving his Ph.D in industrial psychology, meets Tina Roberts — pretty, rich, very generous, and a closet lesbian — in one of his classes, and from there matters begin going haywire for Gary. Very quickly, he is beset with crisis after crisis making it impossible for him to receive his Ph,D. Tina’s father, Jason Roberts, an outwardly appearing gracious man, but unknown to Gary one of the most powerful men in the world — the head of the Inner Circle, a secret organization more powerful than business or government and with its thumb on the Syndicate, offers to pull Gary out of his crushing dilemma and get him his Ph.D if he will marry Tina. Gary agrees to this, not realizing that Jason wants more from him than just marrying Tina.

When Gary becomes engaged to Tina, and subsequently is awarded his Ph,D, Gary is subtly introduced to the corrupting influence of power, this power taking him to Atlanta, Georgia in Jason’s grip, Gary to be used there for Jason’s hidden purpose. But in doing so, Jason gives Gary the tools of power to obtain everything he wants — prestige, wealth, even love .Engaged to Tina, Gary falls passionately in love with dark-eyed, beautiful Jo Marino, the daughter of a Mafia chieftain and a widow whose husband and child had been murdered. Gary and Jo’s explosive love affair doesn’t set well with Jason, nor Jo’s father, nor Jo’s fanatical, jealous Mafia suitor, Johnny, plunging Gary in a world of danger, death lurking everywhere, staring Gary in the face. With his tools of power, Gary manages to handle Jo’s father and Johnny, but not Jason.

Gary attempts to flee Jason’s grip and run away with Jo. But no human being on earth could hide from the tentacles of Jason’s power or escape it; escape his reach, manipulation, blackmail, force and violence, if need be.

This taunt novel of how Gary Scott uses his found power for his own gain, and how this power uses him, backfiring on him, will hold you in its grip until the surprising climax on the very last page.




The car waiting for Gary outside of Erickson Hall wasn’t Wallace’s. It was Eastman’s Thunderbird. Gary didn’t walk to the car, he ran, excited as a little kid.

“Doctor Scott, I presume,” Eastman said, greeting Gary as he jumped into the car with uncontained glee. Eastman hadn’t been witness to such expressive joy since Jack Gurnee’s release to freedom. Yet, Eastman wasn’t smiling.

“Bill, how did you do it?” Gary shouted, his eyes unable to keep still. “How in hell did you pull this off? Blackmail the whole damn university? And who knows who else.”

“I didn’t,” Eastman said, his voice strangely rigid as he started the car, pulled away from the curb.

“You didn’t?” Gary stammered, his face back to bewilderment, seemingly halting his joy in mid air. “But who…?”

“Tina called her father,” Eastman said, his tone now ominous. “He flew into town early yesterday evening.”

“Jason? Jason’s behind this?”

“Yes. Among other things. There will be no indictment against you. No more newspaper articles.”

“What?” Gary gasped, completely aghast. “Bill, what, what’s, what’s going on? I know Jason has money, but how can anyone have this — have such influence, such power?’

“Jason has it,” Eastman  said, emphasizing his remark with a quick, grave glance at Gary. “Silent power! Few know of it — directly. But many know of the power of those few. And those few do his bidding.”

Gary frowned. A deep frown. “The Syndicate? Mafia?”

Eastman let out a mocking laugh. “No .Nothing so crude. Something much more powerful. More sophisticated and far reaching.

“Look, Gary, I’ve told you too much as it is. At great risk to myself. But I had to. In all good conscience.”

“But why? You could have just told me you pulled this off. Let it go at that.”

“No. No I couldn’t. You see, unlike you, Jason doesn’t do something like this just for the kick of being a humanitarian. Knowing him, he’ll want something in return.”


“I really don’t know. But whatever it is, I’d bend over backwards to give it to him. That’s why I’ve told you as much as I have.”

Eastman turned into Coral Gables, drove to the back, and pulled up to Gary’s parked Eldorado.

“Gary,” Eastman said, “get to your apartment, clean up, and get over to Tina’s. Jason’s waiting for you. Your celebration party.”

“I could use some celebration,” Gary said, opening his door and getting out of the car.

“One other thing,” Eastman said, “:keep all of this under your hat. Even with Tina. You are now one of the few. And silence on this is worth your life.”





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