“The Gods Of Winter tell the story of Bob Daniels, a talented yet troubled man that defies his circumstances to become a noted psychologist. Reeling from the raw reality of a shotgun wedding and the fallout of that, not to mention the weird warning of his war-torn father concerning his son, Bob leads his life in a listless way, at least when it comes to love. Then one day he meets Gloria Hopkins, a beautiful British import, who not only makes him believe in love again but shows him how wonderful life can truly be when you have someone you can share it with.

Having read the author’s prior novel, the masterful political thriller Of Good And Evil, I was eager to read this work. I can proudly say that Mr. Griffin didn’t disappoint. This is a much more intimate, more contained story than his last novel, although the author’s skill at mystery making is at his finest here. There is far more going on than one realizes within this work right up to the very last word.

Indeed, the only other story that I can think of that crafts its mysteries so minutely and marvelously is Takshi Mike’s Audition. From the very first paragraph the author fills you with a subtle sense of something you can’t quite explain but want to explore, making you feel like you are standing in the rain but aren’t sure whether you’re wet or dry.

This is not a story of sensational spectacle but a wonderfully woven arc of affections and the effect they can have on one’s life. The Gods Of Winter is a masterclass in subtle story telling and while it is indeed a brilliant tale of love, life and loss, to simply call it a romance would be like calling a fine wine wet. A true statement, but one that misses the point entirely.”

–Shane Porteous, Author and Reviewer


“Bob Daniels, when young, a bit of a scoundrel, a rouge. Blessed with intelligence and athletic prowess. Smart with women, until he gets trapped into a loveless marriage. Despite this, he proceeds with his dreams. Until tragedy strikes, that will haunt him forever. Unlike the curse that his father has brought back from the war, Gloria, a chance meeting, brings her and Bob together. She is beautiful, talented, and a match for his sharp wit. Yet she has a soft side, a childlike view of the world, which enchants Bob. She opens his his heart and mind to wonders. They fall madly in love, sharing a passion each one has hidden inside themselves waiting for the right person to share it with.

When tragedy strikes again, it is too much, and the curse he dismissed comes to the surface. He loses himself in grief and sadness. A madness so profound that his life is on the line.

I really enjoyed this story, the pace is fast and flows so well. The dialogue is snappy, conversations are real. The writing style is intellectual and challenges the reader to pay close attention. The book is well crafted and definitely well worth reading.”

–Reader & Reviewer


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