“I believe that writers, especially those who are great writers, are born and not made. Such is this author. In order to be able to engage the reader from the opening paragraphs and hold their attention throughout, to be able to let the reader suspend their disbelief for the duration of the novel, takes a special kind of talent. Gerald G.Griffin is an author with just such talent. In his brilliant thriller “Of Good And Evil” he takes the reader on a wild ride with the real world as his background and makes the reader believe in his plot and characters.

Gerald has given his audience a well-conceived story and delivered it with the talent of a born writer. He’s also gone that step further that separates writers from great writers. He’s worked hard at the mechanics of the novel so that the plot flows smoothly, the characters are believable and the reader is able to sit back and enjoy this page turning thriller.

Of Good And Evil has received several 5 star reviews. Ron Sheffield, Gerald’s gifted but tormented main character, has everything a great writer needs to engage a reader on an emotional level. This is one of the gifts of a truly great story-teller. I’m humbled to be able to tell you about Gerald and his novel. Keep an eye out for the name Gerald G. Griffin.”

–Tracey Alley, Author and Reviewer


“OF GOOD AND EVIL is the very embodiment of what a paranormal thriller should be…This book is a perfectly paced accomplished mystery without frustrating the reader as to what is taking place. Revelations and twists abound effortlessly, encouraging you to read onward.

A common theme throughout this book is the concept of good and evil. Though this is hardly an unexplored concept and is the foundation of many stories, it doesn’t feel stale here but remains highly relatable. It is almost as if you are reading the thoughts of a great philosopher, someone who can show you such a concept in a light you never would have thought of.

It truly boggles my mind the sheer caliber of talent this author, Gerald G. Griffin, possesses. It is extremely rare to find such a skilled writer. Of Good And Evil is not only the best paranormal thriller I have read period, it is also one of the best books I have EVER read. Of Good And Evil is such a marvelous tale that you don’t even have to be a fan of its specific genre to enjoy it, and to me that is the mark of a brilliant story.”

–Shane Porteous, Author and Reviewer


“Gerald G. Griffin has mastered the art of intelligent and successful writing in this book. With each page, the reader is informed, challenged, captivated and finally obsessed with this story of love, honor, evil and political tumult.

Exquisitely crafted, Griffin weaves a gripping tale of Captain Ron Sheffield’s quest for redemption and purpose, while battling his personal demons. The love story of the beautiful and mysterious Amber Ash and Captain Sheffield is poignant, sensual, strong, and is an integral part of the novel, making this book equally appealing to both men and women.

The fast pace and suspense of the novel kept me engaged from beginning to end. One of the best reads of the year, Of Good And Evil has all the elements of a best seller, and more. A true masterpiece!”

–Cynthia Westland, Author and Reviewer


“It’s the kind of romance that women can only dream about — the gravitational pull between two souls who genuinely love each other and so intensely…Griffin a bewitching writer.”

–Olga Verro, Author


“OF GOOD AND EVIL is the most incredible and fantastic journey and book I have ever read. Anyone who wants to read a thriller that you can’t put down and be on the edge until the end, this is it!”

–Alexandria Altman, Screenwriter

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