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“You ready to go on?” Bollero — my butler sidekick — grimaced, not too sure I was.

I gave him a quick stare. “Time already?”

“They’ve been waiting awhile for your first blog on the new website. I’d say an expectant crowd after your trailer buildup.”

“Tough act to follow. How do I look?”

“Fine…except your tie could be better.”

“No fretting over that. Look, just get on with introducing me. And make it simple.”

Reluctantly, Bollero peered at the viewers, then in a booming, bass voice, announced: H-E-E-E-E-E-R-R-R-R’S GERALD!

I waved to the scant applause and a couple of giggles, squeezing out a Broadway smile. “Hi, folks. Welcome to my new wonderland.”

“Your tie’s CROOKED!” a viewer yelled.

Always a heckler, I thought. “What I’m about to say will take your mind off of that,” I answered, a profound edge to my voice.

“I hope it’s to tell us why we should buy your book,” another viewer piped up. “Especially at $19.50 when we can get eBooks for ninety-nine cents.”

That elicited a sardonic smirk. “But what do you GET? Not rare quality, which emanates from every page of my book. Such superb quality doesn’t come cheap.”

“Aw, c’mon,” another viewer yelped. “Romance is romance, and we can get it cheaper!”

“Not this romance. But my book is not a romance book, though it has strong elements of romance. Neither is it a mystery book, though it has strong elements of mystery; nor is it a thriller, though it rings of strong elements of one; nor is it a mystical book, though it deals with the unknown. No. Spitting out genres like a Gatling gun, The Gods Of Winter is above any one genre in achieving its nobility, slowly accumulating its touch of rare quality in riveting gasps.”

“Nobility?” a viewer questioned. What gives your book nobility?”

“In part, a noble life,” I pointed with a solemn finger.

A quiet stillness settled over the viewers.

“The life of my fiancee’,” I continued, “Jane Valentine — portrayed by Gloria Hopkins in the novel, fiction based upon fact. As the story’s odyssey unfolds, you will see the nobility of Jane in Gloria. See Gloria — Jane– as such a wonder of life, possessing such a rare gift for savoring it, embracing it, eagerly reaching out and sharing its zest and love with others, with animals, embellishing their lives with the enhancing joys of living, so thankful for the marvels of life and being alive to enjoy them. For Jane, life was an amazing bundle of rainbows to be savored to the fullest, their every moment precious.

“Jane died a tragic death before her time, leaving a vacancy of spirit that will never be filled. This, too, is in the novel. Her unexpected death was the driving force urging me to write this novel; its writing a spiritual quest so that the wondrous memory of Jane would never be lost to the fading whispers of time.

So now, I ask for your help in preserving the memory of this gallant, selfless, noble being, a rare creature of nature, the likes of which we may never see again.

Buy the book, not for me, but for Jane, carrying on her memory, while the glow of her spirit transforms you with awe.

The Gods of Winter


Ah, yes folks, my cherished loyal fans and others, it has been a while since I have last posted — gads, almost two years!

It has been tough clearing out all the cobwebs here, and my butler and staff have long cleared out, leaving me nasty notes, some with lewd drawings. But undaunted, a new butler and staff are on their way here to join in a most remarkable undertaking, rather breathtaking.

You see, my absence in posting is because I have been preoccupied in the gut wrenching, emotionally draining, teary-eyed task of writing a new novel, one different and unequaled, a story so powerful that my publisher expects it to sell in the thousands of copies.

This novel is THE GODS OF WINTER, fiction based on fact, some of the facts touching upon the author’s personal experiences; a suspenseful tale of captivating happenings and interlocking, vibrant, unforgettable characters, centering out of this varying mix, two of  them — a man and woman, each notable and compelling in their own right — are unlikely brought together, as though by fate, developing a rare and daring love of endurance between them, all the while their love is cruelly set upon by a mysterious, crafty unknown force lurking with the inexplicable seeds of madness, inexorably leading the couple down a harrowing path shattering the life of their love, and the lengths one is driven to, to save that love. Love and madness pulling in a range of characters to an eventual intense, ravaging backdrop of failing hopes, trickery, blackmail, and sanity, and an unexpected ending.

This short overview in no way can give you the undefinable impact of the story, for really, it is beyond words and description, and has to be felt, sucked into the very cells of your being as you become immersed in the story’s unfolding, ranging magnetism; immersed in its wonder of humor and laughter, tragedy and sadness, hope and despair, and the unexpected bafflement of life unraveling before you, leaving you pondering in deep awe.

THE GODS OF WINTER will be coming soon, to be released sometimes around this coming October.

When it is released, I will be making another posting.

In the meanwhile, tennis, anyone?



Attired in innocuous garb so as not to draw undue attention, Shane Porteous and Tracey Alley moseyed into the Blues Haven Lounge, a quiet, cozy, out-of-the-way place. After obtaining their drinks at the bar, the two slyly maneuvered their way through the low voices at scattered tables and huddled themselves into a corner table, there sitting across from one another.

“You sure Gerald will be waltzing into this joint?” Shane asked in a resonate baritone, his words contemplative as he sipped at his martini, his look that of a sleepy hawk, not unlike that of a hit man in patient waiting as he scrutinized the people sitting at the other tables.

“Not to worry,” Tracey replied assuredly, sipping her gin and tonic, her voice soft, in tune with her flawless complexion, a confident gleam in her eyes. “I was informed he never misses popping into this lounge — his favorite hangout when he’s in town, and I’ve learned he’s in town…somewhere.” Following another sip of her drink, she added emphatically, “As ingenious as Gerald is in eluding us, this time we’ll NAIL him!”

“Ha!” Shane smirked in that suave manner of his. “No one nails Gerald, no matter what — unless he wants to be nailed.” Pausing, reflecting back with another sip of his martini, he continued. “With his mysterious nature…so unpredictable, figuring out what he’s going to do — nailing him — is like trying to figure out some metaphysical riddle.”

Shane paused again, sipped at his drink, took a deep breath, sighed, then managed a paradoxical grunt. “But I shouldn’t be complaining,” he confessed. “The genius of that nature gave us Of Good And Evil, that ROYALTY of thrillers!”

That reflection suddenly enlivened Shane’s mood. “That thriller royalty,” he beamed, with roguish self-congratulations, “I SO brilliantly alluded to in my gasping, unequaled review of the novel.” Shane sighed — almost ecstatically, then declared, “Such a MASTERFUL review…one for the ages…one whom no OTHER reviewer can possibly TOP — or even come close to doing so in their inept attempt to review the book. My review is just too MAGNIFICENT to beat — EVER!”

Tracey’s eyes glazed over in flabbergasted disbelief upon hearing what Shane had just said, then she felt her face flame, taking his remarks as a nasty slap at HER review of Of Good And Evil. Arching her brows, jutting out her jaw, her eyes now like daggers, Tracey’s rancor laid into Shane with a no-holds-barred verbal barrage.

“What EGO!…what GALL!” Tracey began, “appointing yourself as God’s gift to reviews. Well, let me tell you something, BUSTER! You’re no gift. You’re nothing but a bombastic braggart carried away with shameless self-indulgence! And let me tell you something else. MY review TOPS YOURS — HANDS DOWN — leaving your review withering haplessly in the wind compared to mine.

“As for you’re…you’re royalty of thrillers indulgence, my review defines that royalty more meaningfully…proclaiming more elegantly that Gerald has the rare talent of a born writer…the gift of a true story-teller going that step further that separates writers from great writers…that special way of his taking burning passion to pen in engaging the reader with harrowing action and spine tingling romance right to the end. And Gerald’s SCOPE …taking the reader on a wild ride, the world his background…making the reader believe in his daring plot and his vivid, vibrant characters…leaving the reader to sit back spellbound and with on edge suspense reading his page-turning thriller!

“That, Buster, is THRILLER ROYALTY, thank you! As set forth with majesty in MY mind-blowing, masterful review! So THERE!”

Catching her breath, Tracey quickly took a hard swig of her gin and tonic.

Poker faced, Shane had listened quietly and calmly to Tracey’s incoming, with only an ever so slightly crinkling of the eyes. It was when Tracey was gulping down her drink in respite that his eyes begin to twinkle. Then a faint smile sneaked about his lips, and he said glibly:

“I love it when you get WORKED UP like this. You’re so beautiful…so passionate, giving me such strange stirrings!”

“Now STOP THAT!” Tracey snapped. “None of your wiling guile tricks on me! Just stick to the subject — our reviews.”

Shane shrugged, his smile evaporating. “Okay,” he said. “I’ll meet your review and raise you a review. I’ll mention the great maturity Gerald displays in his writing…never seen in MOST writers’ work. I’ll further point out his uncanny knack for dealing with love. Of all the hundreds and hundreds of books I have read in my life, the love between Ron and Amber in Of Good And Evil is by far the most genuine romance I have ever read about. Not only does it boggle my mind the sheer caliber of talent Gerald possesses, it also boggles my mind that his book is not on the New York Times best seller list. It’s the very embodiment of what a paranormal thriller should be, and…”

“While wrestling with all your mind boggling,” Tracey interrupted, her manner more calm, her ire having waned since Shane’s inexplicable wiling, “I’ll tell you why it isn’t on the list. It’s Gerald’s lack of internet marketing.”

“Ah, so,” Shane begrudgingly agreed. After a measured breath, he quietly concluded, “Gerald doesn’t take to marketing — especially on the internet. He regards it as madness! Well need to twist his arm on this. But speaking of marketing, do you still carry the links to Gerald’s  book with you?”

“Why, yes. In my purse. You want to see them?”

Shane nodded. Tracey fumbled through the contents of her purse until she found what she was searching for. She handed a small sheet of paper to Shane. With the focus of a master strategist. he studied the sheet’s links  while finishing off his martini, gulping down the olive, as master strategists do.

The links he first pondered were those for purchasing OF GOOD AND EVIL, all of them provided on Gerald’s blog my clicking the “Buy the Latest Books!” box at the top of the blog’s Home page. As Shane continued to ponder these and the other links, he grimaced, shook his head, and began rubbing his chin, exclaiming, “Gerald needs a BURST of MAGIC to bring these links to life, so people will be clicking these links in mass. He needs to hit the Internet with real jumping sold out FLOOR SHOWS. He needs to wallow in them!”

Then Shane cringed. “I shudder to think how Gerald will hiss and growl — like some cornered Siberian tiger — and pounce on me for bringing all of this to his attention. But it has to be done. He must get word of his novel out. Its story — a rarity of art many know nothing about — deserves it. A lot of scrambling is needed to extend the thriller’s reach.”

When Shane leaned back, sighing in further contemplation, he noticed that his glass and Tracey’s were both empty, and said, “Just as important, we need another round of drinks, one for you…one for me.”

Tracey’s attention was suddenly grabbed by what she was eyeing at the front of the lounge. “Better make that four drinks,” she said, rather flatly. “The tiger…Gerald…just popped in, waltzing through the door with a tigress purring on his arm, some dazzling blonde looking like the cuddling type.”

WHAT?!…” Shane’s eyes popped wide as he stared at the front door’s entrance, and what he saw brought on an immediate discomfort. “My GOD,” he gasped, “that blonde is Cynthia Westland, the Boston Beauty…some claim the Boston Bomber. She’s another DANG book reviewer. She tried to outdo my review in her’s by parading Gerald’s book as a true masterpiece!”

“Well,” Tracey sighed, looking a bit envious, “I’d say he’s got his hands full with a true masterpiece now.”

“This joint is beginning to crawl with book reviewer lizards!”

“Maybe we could start some kind of weird convention, with Gerald and Cynthia providing the floor show!”

“That’s a TAKE!” Kruger von Griffin yelled out. “Performances…dey SPLENDID! JA…JA!”



MY butler — and then some, Bollero, was so shocked that I’m making another posting in the same month as my previous posting, that he had to be hospitalized. Not only that, but when he learned I was making a second posting immediately following, he had to be rushed to the Intensive Care Unit under heavy medication and placed on a ventilator with a tube down his throat because he had stopped breathing.

Ah, such are the perils of life, but Bollero seems to be making a slow, closely monitored recovery from his “posting” trauma in the hospital. Since Bollero always handled my postings here, I’m going to have to handle these two — A TALE OF TWO BOOK REVIEWERS and A TALE OF TWO BOOK REVIEWERS II — myself, so bear with me. It would be of help if you would send flowers to Bollero’s room, where psychiatrists are at the ready. He could certainly use the flowers’ calming effect.

But on to this posting, which is not so calming. It’s original idea was to honor my very good friend, Tracey Alley — among her enticing novels ERICH’S PLEA and URSULEA’S QUEST — and my exceptionally good friend, Shane Porteous — among his compelling novels RACISS and HOW GODS BLEED. Both of these authors, the stars of this posting, have given fantastic reviews of my thriller OF GOOD AND EVIL.

The way I was to honor my two friends was to write a story — which I did — that evolved into Shane and Tracey, rather heatedly, not unlike the banjo contest in the movie DELIVERANCE, debating one another as to who had given the best review of OF GOOD AND EVIL.

But when I finished the story I had strong second thoughts about using it. You see, though I had permission from Shane to use him in the story — sort of like in any way I saw fit, I didn’t have such permission from Tracey. I couldn’t contact her.

My uncle, Kruger von Griffin, the infamous film Director — in an odd twist of DNA, he had a strong heritage of German, with little UK ancestry, while I had a strong UK heritage, with little German ancestry, suggested that I use the story in the form of a dream. As he stated, “Who vould  hold you accountable for anything dat occurs in a dream? Dreams…your dream, acts vith a force of its own beyond your control, so who can hold you responsible for it? Dat vould get you off der hook vith Tracey.”

“Marvelous idea… and solution,” I replied, feeling a greatly relieved..

Further, my uncle suggested that instead of making the story just a dream, make it a movie scene dream under his strong-handed direction, with him responsible for how the dream plays out –he dictating what Shane and Tracey will say, how they will say it, what they will do, their expressions and emoting, and so forth, even if none of this is true or accurate in the two author/reviewers’ real lives. It’s only a dream.

Hearing this further suggestion from my uncle, I felt a certain inner glowing. “Even more marvelous!” I smiled. “Let’s go with that.”

So, before shooting on location in the dream, my uncle had me read these lines, “As dreams go, this one is a doozie! I dreamt it after falling asleep at a P.T.A meeting.”

These lines…my lines, would be the narration heard as a lead in to the movie scene dream action.

Also before shooting, my uncle took Shane and Tracey aside on the movie set in the dream, and said to them, “Ve vant dis scene to be JA JA MOVING, so give it SOME LIFE! Ve don’t vant me yelling, ‘Cut..Cut..Cut,’ so give great performance on der first take! Dat saves money!”

Then Kruger von Griffin shouted, “Everyvone quiet on der set! LIGHTS!…CAMERA!…ACTION!”

(The dream scene action begins on the next post — A TALE OF TWO BOOK REVIEWERS II)



NEW – Nurture Book Tour post and Q&A with Gerald G. Griffin

NEW – Nurture Book Tour post and Q&A with Gerald G. Griffin

Of Good And Evil — Nurture Virtual Book Tour

Q&A – conducted by Rick Friedman 
Q.  How Did You Come Up With The Plot For OF GOOD AND EVIL And How Were You Able To Flesh It Out To Become A Full Novel? 

A.  “Six different desires contributed to conceiving the plot of Of Good And Evil. First, ever since dealing in therapy with the combat trauma of a few war veterans while I was in private practice as a psychologist, I’ve had the desire to write a book on the psyche and emotional trauma of men returning from the war front. Second, I’ve harbored the desire to write about the courage and fortitude of women suffering from a notable disadvantage, and how this turned them to remarkable devotion. Third, I’ve had the desire to write a novel about the Mafia. Fourth, I’ve always had the desire to delve into the paranormal. Fifth, the terrorist threat to our national security, both by events abroad and within our own country, left me with a desire to write a novel about this threat. And sixth, I’ve had a desire to achieve a sense nobility in my work. In writing Of Good And Evil, these six desires were combined to shape the essence of the book’s plot; this nucleus of meshing these six desires together into one the beginning of the fleshing out leading to a full novel. But in addition to my imagination, knowledge and research, and in addition to adding action, mystery and a compelling love story keeping the reader turning the pages, to complete this fleshing out it was critical to come up with the right characters which, when combined with the right circumstances, gave the story its fullest intended impact. The right characters and circumstances were critical to the plot, one constantly being modified to accommodate the new and evolving demands of the unfolding story while still maintaining its integrity. So, as the plot was pieced together, sometimes taking on a life of its own, it necessitated the creation of the needed vibrant main characters, Ron Sheffield and Amber Ash; reinforced by the needed vibrancy of its secondary characters, Jonathan J. Ash, Keith Vandiver, Dominick Valenti and Rachael Di Salvo; and a third tier of vivid supporting characters. This was the fleshing out, passion and characters giving birth to the novel. A new awakening!”

Q.  Gerald, how has your educational background, specifically your PhD, helped you in creating the very realistic portraits of your complex characters? 

A.  “My PhD — which would have to include the many years of psychological practice it made possible — helped me immensely! You could say that OF GOOD AND EVIL is as much a psychological thriller as it is a suspense thriller or a captivating love story. But at no time in developing any of my characters did I have to ask myself, “Now, what are the psychological principles I have learned that I can apply here in developing this character?” No. Combined with my creative process, the psychological aspects I applied came rather automatically, from an immediate ‘knowing’ based upon my graduate training and professional experience so ingrained in me as to become second nature. I didn’t have to recall. I had to create, with the help of my psychological second nature. Of course, it wasn’t as simple as that, but this could be said to be the gist of it. I’m sure, at times, that my subconscious, drawing upon my graduate learning and professional experience without me even being aware of it, came into play in developing the complexity of my characters. But too, this complexity developed from the characters themselves, whom, at various points, sort of took on lives of their own. What I’m saying is that there was more than my educational background and professional experience that went into making the very realistic portraits of my complex characters. They were important, sometimes vital, but other factors had a determining role as well. What guided me in all of this was my imaginative creative process, in charge of everything, And sometime even I didn’t know totally what it was up to — until the final result, which was amazing!”

Find and follow Gerald G. Griffin at: Author Website | Author Blog | Twitter | Goodreads | Facebook Profile | Facebook Page
 Buy the book at:

Nurture Book Tour post & Book Review – Of Good And Evil

Nurture Book Tour post & Book Review – Of Good And Evil


Of Good And Evil by Gerald G. Griffin
Synopsis: Ron Sheffield, a gifted but tormented Green Beret, plagued by suicidal guilt because of his “special” abilities, is discharged from the army for going “crazy.” Immediately, he is brutally beaten and shot by the Mafia, and is hospitalized near death. His life is dramatically saved by Amber Ash, who also possesses “special” abilities, and from there the two are propelled into harrowing ventures against mobsters, terrorists, and and a government cell out to kill them over Iraqi documents Ron possesses from his army service. In an ironic twist, Ron becomes a Mafia hit man to save his sanity, targeting only fallen mobsters. This brings Ron and Amber into contact with the powerful and humane gifted secret society, Eros; this contact eventually actualizing Ron’s mental gifts to a point beyond his imagination. Ron is confronted with the imminent nuclear obliteration of a major American city by a suicidal terrorist cell that only he can stop. But against impossible obstacles, will he be able to do it in time?
Of Good And Evil – Book Review
by Camille Kelly
Good and Evil definitely had me interested from the very first chapter…This novel contains everything that a good suspense novel should have…Mr. Griffin has captured the essence of each character and made his readers be involved in their journey throughout the story..and a wonderful journey it is…Each chapter was gripping and as a reader, I wanted more….Every person in this story had a definite part to fulfill and Mr. Griffin accomplished that….The story was written beautifully and I felt all the emotions that each person entailed…I laughed, I cried, I was holding on, in parts, for dear life….I look forward to a sequel to Good and Evil, and am anxiously awaiting to see it on the Big Screen…A wonderful, wonderful, novel.


Gerald G. Griffin, author of the novel, “Of Good and Evil”

Born in Flint, Michigan. Received MA and Ph.D. in psychology from Michigan State University. Set up private practice in Atlanta, Georgia as a Consulting Psychologist, a practice of 18 years doing psychotherapy, counseling, diagnostics and executive consultation. Moved to Gainesville, Georgia to enter writing full-time, at first doing ghost-writing and screenplays before turning back to novels. At present, putting the final touches to A TIME OF RECKONING, the sequel to OF GOOD AND EVIL.
Gerald is a member of International Thriller Writers (ITW) and while in practice in Atlanta he was listed in Marquis Who’s Who in the South and Southwest, Personalities of America and Notable Americans.
Gerald is divorced with two grown sons, and is presently engaged.

List of works by Gerald G. Griffin:

THE CORRUPTORS (Fiction) 1977, Condor Pub Co.
THE DEATH DISCIPLE (Fiction) 1977, Condor Pub Co.
THE LAST COMING (Fiction) 1978, Condor Pub Co.
OF GOOD AND EVIL (Fiction) 2010,  Eloquent Books

Of Good and Evil: A Novel
Author: Gerald G. Griffin
Genre: Fiction – Thriller/Suspense
Published by: Eloquent Books (July 27, 2010)
Age Recommendation: 18+ For Mild Sexuality & Some Violence
Format: eBook & Trade Paperback
ISBN13: 978-1609760144
Number of pages: 342

Find and follow Gerald G. Griffin at:
Buy the book at:

Official Nurture Virtual Book Tour Press Release! 

Follow along with the rest of the tour!

Book Tour Post – “Of Good And Evil” by Gerald G. Griffin

Book Tour Post – “Of Good And Evil” by Gerald G. Griffin

Book Tour post & Interview with Gerald G. Griffin

conducted by Shane Porteous

Shane: I think it is a fair statement to say that any good paranormal thriller must suspend belief but at the same time convince the reader that the written events could actually happen in real life. I know for a fact that “Of Good And Evil” accomplishes this and I must ask how did you go about ensuring this?
“I made certain that the varying degrees of paranormal perceptivity of those characters whom possessed these abilities were understated rather than bombastic, with these exceptional abilities never being flaunted but used only when needed. Otherwise these characters seemed to be attempting to lead normal lives dealing with the conflicts of the real world..To others they always appeared to be normal human beings in normal settings dealing with the normal or unusual problems presented by the world that all human beings have to contend with, and to an extent they were exactly doing this. So much so that after a while the reader  accepts their unusual abilities as a natural part of their lives and become gripped by other aspects of the story.
But who is to say that these written events don’t actually happen in real life? That the characters portrayed don’t actually represent real people among us? Maybe that’s why the story can sound so convincing. Need I say more? In all forms of life there are surprising anomalies!”
Shane: Now I must admit that I have never been a big fan of romance in stories, but of the 100s and 100s of books that I have read in my life, the love between Amber and Ron, the two main characters of your book, was by far the most genuine romance that I have ever read about. How did you go about ensuring their romance felt genuine and not corny?
“I ensured that the romance felt genuine because it was based upon feelings taken from real life, feelings and devotion that would have naturally evolved in the given circumstances rather than being concocted to fit some writing formula. As to it not being corny, let me just say that it is beyond me to write anything corny. Love is not corny, and love is what you get in the book. That’s why the romance is genuine.”
Shane: Of Good And Evil deals with real world problems that the West is currently facing and yet one does not need to be an expert on such affairs to enjoy the story. Was this an important factor to you when you were writing the book? That you didn’t rely too much on information a layman such as myself wouldn’t know?
“The short and simple answer is, “Yes.” But this is not to imply that I regarded the world problems as something too complicated for the average reader to understand. By no means. Rather, the world problems were inserted only when called for by the plot; inserted in a way that the characters themselves could understand, and thus the readers. This is what was important. Any expertise on the reader’s part beyond this was not necessary nor useful.”
Shane: One of the many things that make a paranormal thriller great is the ability to accomplish mystery without frustrating the reader. Of Good And Evil does this in spades and I have to know was this an important factor when you were writing this book?
“Not frustrating the reader on any front was certainly important, and that included the mystery element. I feel the reason the mystery was not frustrating was because it was such a naturally developed integral part of the story, some of it so subtle as not to be resolved until the end of the story, but then making sense in terms of what went before.”
Shane:The sheer scope of Of Good And Evil is incredibly vast and yet at no time did I feel overwhelmed by it at all while I was reading it. Tell me how did you so flawlessly overcome such pacing problems?
“This is an impossible question to answer in words. The answer is more in  a sensing and feeling that my creative process kept on top of, not the least of which was constant rewriting so as to eventually see and arrive at the true intellectual/emotional story I wanted to write, finally presenting it in such a way that was not overwhelming in understanding, only in impact.

Your question is like asking a champion in the 100 yard dash: “How do you run so fast?!”  There is no answer except to say, “I was born with the ability,” It’s somehow part of the DNA. A talent used to it’s fullest capability. This, in a nutshell, is the answer to your question.”
Shane: There is a great deal of maturity to your writing. Would it be a fair statement to say that you did  an awful lot of research before you wrote the novel?
“Not really. The most important thing to me before I began writing the novel was to get some grasp of the story I wanted to write and the characters that would be needed, This required no research. Where the research came in, and there was plenty of it, was when I got into the actual writing,and the story begin taking on a life of its own, requiring research to meet its demands so as to be understood in a coherent fashion.”
Shane: Your book deals with the concept of Good vs Evil, admittedly a concept that has been debated through the ages. How did you keep this debate so fresh and fairly handled in your book?
“It was fresh and fairly handled because I tied the concept into current events from personal to geopolitical, but in a gripping and innovative questioning way that has rarely, if ever, been considered before, such as when is evil good and good evil, intermixed with    an uplifting and remarkable spiritual possibility near the end of the novel.”
Shane: As mentioned before, the story deals with both real world events and fictional events. Was there any difficulty in putting your own personal beliefs aside to tell the story?
“Definitely. But my creative process, dedicated to the integrity of the book, prohibited any blatant expressions of my personal beliefs, though I believe a few subtly crept in at times through a couple of my characters. But when they did it was for a needed emphasis in the story, why my creative process allowed it through.”
Shane: Symbolism plays an important part in this book. When you were writing this story was that an important factor  to you or did it just happen naturally when you were writing the story?
“It happened naturally when it was seen to add to the compelling mystique of the story; put in with the grace of a surgeon.”
Shane: Finally, is there anything special you’d like your prospective readers to know about your novel?

“Yes. For this occasion, my creative process allows this through:

If my novel were a meal, it would be succulent. A rare taste to savor!

Aside from this, I would like to emphasize to my prospective readers what you have already mentioned about Of Good And Evil in your questions. From you:

My thriller aptly suspends belief, but at the same time convinces the reader that its written events could actually happen in real life.

The ROMANCE between Amber and Ron is by far the most genuine romance that you have ever read.

Of Good And Evil accomplishes MYSTERY in spades.

The sheer scope of the novel is incredibly vast, but not overwhelming.

The concept of good and evil is presented in a fresh perspective and contains intriguing symbolism.

To what you have mentioned, let me just add: the novel is a dynamite of SUSPENSE — shooting out fire like a Gatling gun! As Starr Reina of Suspense Magazine concludes in her review of my book: “…the suspense will grab hold of you and keep you turning the pages. An absolute must read!”

And too, I would especially like my prospective readers to know what another reviewer, Rick Friedman, Founder, The James Mason Community Book Club, said in his review of my novel, and I quote:

“In creating the character of Ron Sheffield, Gerald Griffin has proven himself to be a writer of extraordinary skills. Of Good And Evil is a novel that is so finely written, so well plotted and paced, that the reader is immediately drawn into the book from the first page. That Mr. Griffin is able to use mere words to introduce the reader to Ron Sheffield is nothing short of breathtaking — it is not often that a writer can make so complex a character, a person with such internal torments and external gifts, resonate so perfectly with a plot and locations that keep the reader glued to the book from start to finish.


And Lastly, I would like to quote our host from his review of my book:

“It truly boggles my mind the sheer caliber of talent this author (Gerald G. Griffin) possesses. It is extremely rare to find such a skilled writer. Of Good And Evil is not only the best paranormal thriller I have ever read period, it is also one of the best books that I have ever read. Of Good And Evil is such a marvelous tale that you don’t even have to be a fan of its specific genre to enjoy it, and to me that is the mark of a brilliant story.”

Of Good And Evil by Gerald G. Griffin

Ron Sheffield, an ex-Green Beret discharged from the Army for going crazy, has discovered top secret terrorist documents endangering his life by an unsavory White House political cell, the documents revealing al Qaeda plans threatening the existence of Western civilization. He also possesses uncanny mental talents which enabled him to survive fierce covert battles in the Middle East while the men serving under him perished, these tortured memories leaving him distraught with merciless guilt to the point of suicide—staved off only by desperate “hiding” activities. 
This potent mixture of documents, guilt, hiding and uncanny abilities, combined with Ron’s remarkable and irrepressible love affair with Amber Ash—who saves Ron’s life through talents similar to his own—propels the two down volatile paths of relentless danger, troubles and confrontations defining their destiny, including, among other things: sanity-saving killings; Ron having no choice but to become a specialized Mafia hit man; a White House plot on Ron’s life; conflicts with a divinely gifted secret society headed by Amber’s billionaire father; acquiring the specifics of the 9-11 terrorist attacks beforehand, but the attempt at warning ignored; disturbing honeymoon intrigue; devastating discovery of who really orchestrated the U.S. invasion of Iraq; struggles to thwart Bin Laden’s startling scheme of global domination; frustrating hindrances to cornering the most important and dangerous terrorist alive—not Bin Laden, rendering success of the pursuit bleak; frightening dreams prophesying disturbing reality; and a fight against the impossible to prevent the nuclear obliteration of a large American city. 

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