Month: February 2018


“You ready to go on?” Bollero — my butler sidekick — grimaced, not too sure I was.

I gave him a quick stare. “Time already?”

“They’ve been waiting awhile for your first blog on the new website. I’d say an expectant crowd after your trailer buildup.”

“Tough act to follow. How do I look?”

“Fine…except your tie could be better.”

“No fretting over that. Look, just get on with introducing me. And make it simple.”

Reluctantly, Bollero peered at the viewers, then in a booming, bass voice, announced: H-E-E-E-E-E-R-R-R-R’S GERALD!

I waved to the scant applause and a couple of giggles, squeezing out a Broadway smile. “Hi, folks. Welcome to my new wonderland.”

“Your tie’s CROOKED!” a viewer yelled.

Always a heckler, I thought. “What I’m about to say will take your mind off of that,” I answered, a profound edge to my voice.

“I hope it’s to tell us why we should buy your book,” another viewer piped up. “Especially at $19.50 when we can get eBooks for ninety-nine cents.”

That elicited a sardonic smirk. “But what do you GET? Not rare quality, which emanates from every page of my book. Such superb quality doesn’t come cheap.”

“Aw, c’mon,” another viewer yelped. “Romance is romance, and we can get it cheaper!”

“Not this romance. But my book is not a romance book, though it has strong elements of romance. Neither is it a mystery book, though it has strong elements of mystery; nor is it a thriller, though it rings of strong elements of one; nor is it a mystical book, though it deals with the unknown. No. Spitting out genres like a Gatling gun, The Gods Of Winter is above any one genre in achieving its nobility, slowly accumulating its touch of rare quality in riveting gasps.”

“Nobility?” a viewer questioned. What gives your book nobility?”

“In part, a noble life,” I pointed with a solemn finger.

A quiet stillness settled over the viewers.

“The life of my fiancee’,” I continued, “Jane Valentine — portrayed by Gloria Hopkins in the novel, fiction based upon fact. As the story’s odyssey unfolds, you will see the nobility of Jane in Gloria. See Gloria — Jane– as such a wonder of life, possessing such a rare gift for savoring it, embracing it, eagerly reaching out and sharing its zest and love with others, with animals, embellishing their lives with the enhancing joys of living, so thankful for the marvels of life and being alive to enjoy them. For Jane, life was an amazing bundle of rainbows to be savored to the fullest, their every moment precious.

“Jane died a tragic death before her time, leaving a vacancy of spirit that will never be filled. This, too, is in the novel. Her unexpected death was the driving force urging me to write this novel; its writing a spiritual quest so that the wondrous memory of Jane would never be lost to the fading whispers of time.

So now, I ask for your help in preserving the memory of this gallant, selfless, noble being, a rare creature of nature, the likes of which we may never see again.

Buy the book, not for me, but for Jane, carrying on her memory, while the glow of her spirit transforms you with awe.