Month: July 2017

The Gods of Winter


Ah, yes folks, my cherished loyal fans and others, it has been a while since I have last posted — gads, almost two years!

It has been tough clearing out all the cobwebs here, and my butler and staff have long cleared out, leaving me nasty notes, some with lewd drawings. But undaunted, a new butler and staff are on their way here to join in a most remarkable undertaking, rather breathtaking.

You see, my absence in posting is because I have been preoccupied in the gut wrenching, emotionally draining, teary-eyed task of writing a new novel, one different and unequaled, a story so powerful that my publisher expects it to sell in the thousands of copies.

This novel is THE GODS OF WINTER, fiction based on fact, some of the facts touching upon the author’s personal experiences; a suspenseful tale of captivating happenings and interlocking, vibrant, unforgettable characters, centering out of this varying mix, two of  them — a man and woman, each notable and compelling in their own right — are unlikely brought together, as though by fate, developing a rare and daring love of endurance between them, all the while their love is cruelly set upon by a mysterious, crafty unknown force lurking with the inexplicable seeds of madness, inexorably leading the couple down a harrowing path shattering the life of their love, and the lengths one is driven to, to save that love. Love and madness pulling in a range of characters to an eventual intense, ravaging backdrop of failing hopes, trickery, blackmail, and sanity, and an unexpected ending.

This short overview in no way can give you the undefinable impact of the story, for really, it is beyond words and description, and has to be felt, sucked into the very cells of your being as you become immersed in the story’s unfolding, ranging magnetism; immersed in its wonder of humor and laughter, tragedy and sadness, hope and despair, and the unexpected bafflement of life unraveling before you, leaving you pondering in deep awe.

THE GODS OF WINTER will be coming soon, to be released sometimes around this coming October.

When it is released, I will be making another posting.

In the meanwhile, tennis, anyone?