Month: August 2014


It’s always something. Some things can add up, overflowing your plate, delaying your blog postings. Before you know it, these postings become irregular, few and far between, not good for your followers whom you love and adore.

One of these somethings keeping me away from my blogging is my involvement  in making my psy thriller OF GOOD AND EVIL into a movie, its Producer Alexandria Altman, to whom I refer to as Alex.

Then it dawned on me. Instead of having the movie keeping me away from my blogging, why not bring my blogging into the movie process? And what better way to begin than by having an interview with an actor who will be playing the role of one of my novel’s leading characters.

From my observations and conversations with those associated with the movie, and from other related feedback, I’ve put together a dialogue with an actress. Let’s call her Sue. She will be playing the part of Amber Ash, the heroine of OF GOOD AND EVIL. That dialogue begins as follows:

Sue, full of vim and vigor, cheerfully enters the room as I said,  “Ah, thanks for making yourself available, Sue. My blog followers are going to love our chat.!”

“Delighted, Gerald,” Sue smiled, her voice soft and sultry. She was dressed in a fashionable caftan as she seated herself across from me, her long raven hair tumbling neatly down just over her shoulders. “You’ve come to my rescue when I needed it. Heaven knows.”

“With heaven’s help, let’s make this a good interview.”

“With you, I’m sure it will be,” she laughed, her brown eyes sparkling.

“Good. Just sit back and relax. This interview won’t be that structured. I’ll simply begin with a question, you answer it, and we’ll let the discussion evolve from there. Okay?”

Sue grinned. “You’re starting off as the psychologist with me, I see.”

“The writer will come along soon enough.”

“Probably just in time. What’s the first question?”

“Did you read my book before you became involved with the movie?”

Sue paused a moment, then, “Your first question would have to be an embarrassing one. No, I didn’t read your book, sorry to say, and I like thrillers. The first time I heard about it was when I read the working script Alex gave to me. Then I read your book,” she added enthusiastically, “and was really surprised! Compared to the working script, your book was even more incredible…more complete…more of a fantastic story, and your writing style is just awesome!

“Oops!” Sue brought her hand to her mouth, “Am I allowed to say that? Alex told me beforehand  that this interview was to focus on me, not you.”

“Don’t worry about it. This is all on tape, and if Alex objects to any of your remarks, they’ll be deleted from the interview. But for now, feel free to say what comes to your mind.”

“I know she’ll kill this, but the heck with it!” Sue proclaimed with a sudden fiery spirit. “I’ll love you forever for preparing me the way you did for that…that whatever you call it — a screen test? Was that a casting call?”

“Let’s just say a special audition.”

“It was special, all right. The pain you took presenting to me the very soul of Amber Ash.” She shook her head in amazement. “That’s what delivered the role. The love of your characters…getting me to absorb and act out the effects of that love.”

“Once I found you, I helped you because you were the best actress for the role. Your audition proved it…powerful! Now that you have it, what do you think of the role of Amber?”

Sue’s eyes became aglow. “It’s…it’s so hard to put into words…almost spiritual, but I think it’s one of the best roles I’ve come across for a woman. Challenging…unusual…magnificent. And what a love story! It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. And the psychic thing. Wow. It will require everything I can give to interpret the right nuances for the role. How do you come up with such phenomenal characters?”

“I give all the credit to my creative process. But what’s important now is how you bring Amber Ash fully to life on the screen.”

“Don’t worry, Gerald. After giving me the opportunity for the role, I don’t dare let you down.” Sue paused a moment, reflecting, then asked, “But what about Ron? He’s so crucial to all of this. Who will play his role?”

“Casting is still searching. Like yours, Ron’s role is not easy to fill.  Is whoever is chosen to play Ron of concern to you?”

“Damn right!” Sue exclaimed wide-eyed, lifting her brows. “I don’t want the Casting Directer playing with my brain by saddling me with some flake! Someone who can’t pull off Ron’s strong, uncanny character and your masterful story. Someone who just doesn’t have that special spark that mesmerizes.. Whomever the actor is who’s chosen, our chemistry together has to be right. It has to click and come across on the screen. With the right Ron, this movie could become a blockbuster!”

“Let’s hope Casting digs up the right actor.”

“I bet you’ll have a hand in the digging, like with me. But…” Sue now appeared a little drawn.

“What is it?”

“It’s just…just…It’s just that I want this to be the best in film making. Your story deserves it. I just don’t want to see it screwed up.”

“Alex wouldn’t let that happen.”

Sue gazed at me in question.

“Maybe this is a good place to end the interview,” I said.

“Suits me. I could use a drink!”

“What say we do lunch?”

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