OF GOOD
"Presents an awakening
consciousness not to be denied"
                                         --Paul Phillips, USAR
OF GOOD AND EVIL is an absorbing read. The action, suspense and peril of this fast-moving thriller, rich in characters, will keep you transfixed, on edge, nerves tingling.
Overall, a gripping action thriller with a touch of paranormal and a captivating love story.
Ron Sheffield, an ex-Green Beret discharged from the Army for going crazy, has discovered top secret terrorist documents endangering his life by an unsavory White House political cell, the documents revealing al Qaeda plans threatening the existence of Western civilization. He also possesses uncanny mental talents which enabled him to survive fierce covert battles in the Middle East while the men serving under him perished, these tortured memories leaving him distraught with merciless guilt to the point of suicide---staved off only by desperate "hiding" activities.
This potent mixture of documents, guilt, hiding and uncanny abilities, combined with Ron's remarkable and irrepressible love affair with Amber Ash---who saves Ron's life through talents similar to his own---propels the two down volatile paths of relentless danger, troubles and confrontations defining their destiny, including, among other things: sanity-saving killings; Ron having no choice but to become a specialized Mafia hit man; a White House plot on Ron's life; conflicts with a divinely gifted secret society headed by Amber's billionaire father; acquiring the specifics of the 9-11 terrorist attacks beforehand, but the attempt at warning ignored; disturbing honeymoon intrigue; devastating discovery of who really orchestrated the U.S. invasion of Iraq; struggles to thwart Bin Laden's startling scheme of global domination; frustrating hindrances to cornering the most important and dangerous terrorist alive---not Bin Laden, rendering success of the pursuit bleak; frightening dreams prophesying disturbing reality; and a fight against the impossible to prevent the nuclear obliteration of a large American city.
Spine-chilling, with unending surprises. The reader never knows what's coming next, and is left on edge, unable to put the book down.